Friday, September 21, 2012

End of summer blessings

Tonight the rainbow--that is rainbows--double, two, one bright, the other less bright, were in a nice blue sky. The rain was splatting lightly while the westering sun was lighting the treetops and street below. A whole half circle, horizon to horizon! The colors were beautiful and vibrant. I stood for some time just gazing. Today is the last day of summer, sometime tomorrow we move into autumn--what a beautiful send-off for a lovely summer. And of course, like a good friend who moved away, summer will check in now and then yet for a while ... until, like the friend who moved away who gradually becomes engrossed with new neighbors and friends, it will cease, the leaves will change and fall and we will move deep into the chill that brings snowflakes and eventually winter. So it has been in this temperate zone forever. I hope people never become so engrossed in the artificial digital world that they stop noticing and rejoicing at the natural world. The optimist in me says that every living, breathing creature has so much archetypal history of nature that we will always look at a double rainbow with delight.


rraine said...

this is beautiful, the photos and the post. rainbows, single and double, have played a part in my life for as long as i can remember. i'm always on the watch for them.
thank you.


Interesting that you talk about rainbows on your post today. I have lived in KY for about five years or so and I have never witnessed a rainbow. and I look at the sky everyday even when it rains or snows. In other states I have lived in I have seen many. Double rainbows are spectacular and I hope there is a mythical connection out there that will you double luck. Good post -- barbara