Friday, August 24, 2012

One of those days -- yea, weeks really

The fag end of summer is here; the days are still nice but a sense of tiredness is in the air and a feeling that what can go wrong will go wrong.  Nothing big and bad but small and irksome.  (I put this picture here because the ram has an expression  that I relate to this morning.  BAAAH!)

There was the nice lady who backed her SUV into my front bumper in a parking lot. No biggie, but enough to need body work on the car.  Bother! And I still have to make calls about her insurance paying for the rental car I had about 28 hours. I HATE these niggling calls.  There was the capsulotomy on my right cataract lens; no problem really and now I can read comfortably again, but it's still eye drops three times a day until I use up the bottle of drops. There was the ear check up and the news that my right ear is 24% less acute than the left and to find out why I need an MRI. I am highly claustrophobic and this makes me mega-anxious.  I have to return the call of the clinic and make the appointment, then go get the Atavan prescription filled and I think the MRI is going to be useless -- maybe that's wishful thinking  because if it shows a neuroma many questions arise.

I've been struggling with the tension on my sewing machine.  I don't know how or when I got it off but it is and I can't seem to adjust it back properly.  Maybe I'll need to go to a repair show -- the instruction booklet is minimal and no help really.  And finally adding insult to injury, my 7 year old printer got a paper jam and refused to realize it was fixed-- this has happened before. I wait for the gremlin inside it to wake up and let me print.  But this time when it decided to print, it again jammed and when the paper was removed a twisted little spring popped out also.  No point in repairing a 7 year old printer so I went to Staples and bought the latest version of basically the same printer. But, AARG and BAAAH, the disk to make it work with my MacBook said it was incompatible.  Ridiculous.  So in a short while I will call the help number and see what's what and how to make it compatible. I need -- I REALLY need -- a working printer.  I'm convinced some genius will tell me what buttons to push to make it work. 

What I really want is a world in which everything works smoothly and there are no potholes and speed bumps.  Would life be perfect and boring?  No, I'm only talking about the mechanics of every day living.  People would still be the wonderful and maddening beasts they are and my own inner life would still have it's oddities that I haven't resolved in all these years.  I just want to get on with it.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

About that MRI June, I found when I went in one I asked for a cloth to put over my eyes, then when I had the urge (and usually you do) to open my eyes all I saw was the cloth. No clastraphobia then.