Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pardon Me While I Gloat

I read the paper, I see the pictures, I know the country is sweltering, wild fires are raging, droughts are stunting crops and, sadly, people are literally dying from the heat.  It's hot enough here on Cape  Cod to complain a bit about, but it's not THAT hot, high 80s. Which probably sounds fantastically cool to those in the Midwest. I am cooled by a  couple of simple 15 inch fans. That's enough and an afternoon breeze cools me on my patio as I open a new book that sent me in ten minutes of grinning and chuckling almost immediately.  I don't need a fan for sleeping, the open window suffices to cool me.

As in the photo, the beach roses are out,the sailboat are out, the water is even getting warm enough for a wimp like me and my early morning walks on the beach before the crowds appear are peaceful. The tourists crowd the narrow roadways, but who can blame them?  Besides, much of the local economy depends on them.  What are a few moments of individual road rants because no one is polite enough to stop and let me make a left turn ... but then, yes, somebody does!!  Life is good.



Idealistic days for you. Perhaps we will have such days in the near future. -- barbara

June Calender said...

I hope you will, Barbara. I know autumn can be wonderful in your part of the world ... but you wrote of moving to Utah and I'm not familiar with their summer and autumn at all.

rraine said...

high 80s? it's 110 here. gloat while you can!
in the midst of road construction madness, a kind person let me across lanes to make a left turn. in las vegas, that's amazing. in this heat, unimaginable!
whatever, i'm grateful.