Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice

Of course is happens every year. I think many of us, as the psychiatrist Karl Jung believed, have a deep memory of more primitive times when the summer solstice was awesome -- I mean, struck people with a sense of awe.  Isn't that why Stonehenge was built?  Isn't that why, when we need something to say to strangers in an elevator or anywhere casual, we talk about the weather? Deep down, we know the weather is out there, beyond our control and that we are all dealing with it in our own way -- complaining, rejoicing, taking off jackets, wrapping up in layers, turning on the A/C or opening a window.

I love weather!  After a month of a mostly gray and cool spring, yesterday burst upon Cape Cod with 90 degree sun all day.  We were waiting but not quite for so much all of a sudden.  Today will be much the same but then normalcy is going to return.  Summer is here and I love it.

I also love that my dreams of seeing some of the wonderful places on earth have come true.  I saw Stonehenge over 50 years ago and I'm so happy to have seen those standing stones and wondered how primitive people had managed to get the stones from a distance and then arrange them -- what mathematical genius was needed to put them just so?  There were Einsteins way back then!  Genius is not new, it is a wonderful rare gift that brings about awesome constructions.  I love reading about ancient peoples, seeing some of their accomplishments, great stones in the pyramids, and in the Cuzco area.  If someone offered me a plane ticket to anywhere today, I think I'd say Easter Island to see the amazing statues.  Maybe awe is an inborn propensity, not an accomplishment such as genius can effect, but a trigger for pleasure.  I know many people are not curious, don't care if they see these standing stones, so maybe I am blessed to have not only wanted to see ancient accomplishments but to have been there and to remember them with so much happiness.



June -- how fortunate that you have been to so many wonderful places especially Stonehenge. Ancients intrigue me. The U.S. has many ancient spots that are little known. The nearby Ohio River valley area has many ancient land mounds that little is known about. -- barbara

June Calender said...

I read all I can about the mound building early Americans and about the other early people. Many ancient mounds were simply destroyed when people began farming the area. I have not managed to visit the Serpent Mound in Ohio.