Sunday, May 20, 2012


We spent an afternoon in Wellfleet last weekend, enjoying the summer-like day -- after we decided that "no parking" sign could be ignored -- a snow storm seemed unlikely.

To us Wellfleet is the quintessential Cape Cod town. It has an active fishing harbor, near-by  is Great Island, a part of the National Seashore, a wonderful place to walk beside a dramatic shoreline.  In town are some of our favorite art galleries, especially the Left Bank which has so many wonderful painters and sculptors plus a room with smaller artisanal work, pottery, small decorative pieces, etc.  At the edge of town is a long wooden bridge over the marsh to Tim's Island, with a few houses and fir trees in the sandy soil.  For all of us this early May day was the first real taste of summer.  We ended it later with dinner at a restaurant overlooking the marsh where birds were busy not far from the large windows.  For a day we were being in our own area before the summer tourists arrive in just a few more weeks.


Rubye Jack said...

Having lived in a place that would be overcome with summer tourists each year, I can certainly appreciate the quiet before the storm. It's like it is your place for one more week.


June -- What a great day for you and I think your daughter and ?. And perhaps the guy is part of your party too. I visited the cape a little over 40 years ago.It was a beautiful and fresh feeling place back then. I wonder if it has changed much. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Rubye, that's exactly the feeling.

Barbara, the guy is my ex-husband, the "girl's" father. While the commercial parts of the Cape change regularly, towns like Wellfleet don't change much because they don't allow it to happen. The shores change with storms but are kept simple. Come visit again; I'd love a personal chat.