Monday, May 21, 2012

Foggy Day Serenity

Foggy days can be very irritating when they interrupt one's plans.  But all my plans were indoor ones today, except for going to the post office and returning a library book.  I've found the gray indistinctness serene and very lovely today.  It began much as it is now, not very different from the photo above.  When I went out at midmorning it was not raining but the air was so wet I became wet between house and car.  Later in the day it rained, once lightly, seemed to rest a bit, and then rained quite hard for a while.  Now we're back where we began.  The whole day was quiet.  I had writing time and quilting time and emailing time and reading time.  It's 7:30 and not dark yet, just a blue-gray-violet kind of sky and a grayed-greenness in the trees.  The day is drifting into the kind of evening when a lazy hot bath leads to reading, possibly in bed.  The week gets busier tomorrow; that's okay.  Today the gray had a feeling of gentleness that was very satisfying.  The truth is I really like weather.

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June -- your description of the day matches your image. The day you describe -- feels like being wrapped in Mather Nature's arms. Nice photo! -- barbara