Monday, April 23, 2012

April is still Poetry Month

Some bright flowers are nice on a morning that is gray and damp -- much needed actually as we're in a bit of a drought.  It will green the grasses a great deal.  Here is a poem by Waslawa Szmborska, the Polish  Nobel laureate who died this past February.


Live is the only way
to get covered in leaves,
catch your breath on the sand,
rise on wings;

To be a dog,
or stroke its warm fur;

Or tell pain
from everything it's not;

To squeeze inside events,
dawdle in views,
to seek the least of all possible mistakes.


rraine said...

thank you so much for this post. szmborska is one of my favorites, and i mourn her passing.
i've been writing a poem a day for poetry month. most will NOT see the light of day, because they're terrible.
this poem reminds me that there is always possibility.


"dawdle in views" -- I like those words -- barbara

June Calender said...

rraine, good for you, it's okay if you only get one good poem in a month. I was challenged to do that last April and I am still writing a "poem" every night --maybe 4 or 5, over the more than a year now, are actual poems but it's a good mental exercise.

Thanks,Barbara, Szymborska produces these gems. Love it.