Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring sooner rather than later ... for now

Signs: a young woman in shorts and t-top, barefoot walking her dog beside the ocean

the lawn covered with miniscule little white with pink flowers, I know not what kind

a young couple having spread a sheet beside a lake, he in bathing trunks, she in bikini, preparing to sunbathe

crocuses everywhere -- but the forsythia in the photo are from last year on April 5 -- could happen again this year by April 5

birds singing me awake in the morning, birds singing as I type this at 7:00 PM as the sky turns a mauve-y-gray-blue

the clam place has reopened and so has the soft serve ice cream place

the nurseries are advertising all kinds of plants, lawn fertilizer, mulch

and on and on ... spring has come early to the eastern half of the USA. We are enjoying it even if those famous April showers may turn out to be shiver-making and nasty. The birds will be settling into their nests with their stoic determination and we will never know what to put on in the morning to be comfortable during the day.



Glad to hear your spring has finally arrived. The SE has awakened -- barbara

Jonas said...

The weather here, in the Chicago metro area, has been absolutely mind-boggling. Locals tend to think of March as a "winter month." Not this year. We've had two weeks of temperatures in the 80's! We are experiencing July weather. The birds have come flocking back. After thunderstorms one day ago, we've exploded in green. It's an amazing spectacle. I've bicycled farther and faster this March than I did last June. This will be a March to remember.

June Calender said...

For all of us in the East of the US, Jonas -- your bike ride must have been a high.