Saturday, March 3, 2012

A small visitor

This little bird, which seems to me to be some kind of jay, since it was a very dark blue and had a jay-like crest on its head, was on a bush just outside my sewing room window. I did not see him arrive but he sat very still, occasionally turning his head so I could see a big bright eye and the crest. I went and got my camera, took a picture, watched him a bit more, sewed a bit and he was gone as suddenly as he appeared. I do not remember seeing a bird like this before. But I have been hearing bird calls which tell me some spring birds have returned. Four Canadian geese are definitely back, they arrive for breakfast most mornings, stay an hour or so and then go on, possibly to their favorite luncheonette. But they come year after year and are very visible being so large. During the summer small birds of the LBB species [little brown/black birds] often visit that bush outside my sewing room window but they only rest a bit, hop from limb to limb and then go about their business.



June -- Spring is in the air. I have noticed a change in their active behavior in and around my house and woods. Nice that you have a viewing window to watch the birds as you work. -- barbara

ellen kirkendall said...

That little guy is probably a tufted titmouse. They come to my feeder pretty often, though I seldom notice them anywhere else.