Monday, December 5, 2011

HELL IN A HAND BASKET. obsevations

After the Big 7-0, I believe, I have not only a penchant but a right to observe the way the world as I once knew it is going to hell in a hand basket. As of this morning I am going to institute the topic as one to which I will return now and then.

The photo suggests today's topic. I bought a couple of beautiful tangerines a few days ago. I ate one yesterday -- most of it only because I always hate throwing out food that some might consider good. It was sour, somewhat dried out [although it looked perfect[, it had no tangerine flavor.I recently discarded one of two grapefruits I purchased because the first could be eaten only when liberally sprinkled with artificial sweetener. Most people today believe grapefruit are naturally sour. Yes! Before they are ripe all citrus are sour. But only lemons and limes remain sour when they are ripe.

I read a business note in The Times recently{ an entrepreneur who developed an artificial flavoring business wanted to manufacture China but was stymied because the Chinese insisted the secret chemical concoctions of the flavorings must be revealed to the producing plant. The American inventor was unwilling to share his so called "intelectural property." Aren't we going to hell in a hand basket when natural foods -- say strawberries and tomatoes (victims long ago who lost all favor as they became more beautiful in the produce parade for Miss Raw America) now can have their flavor restored artifically? Perhaps some people lack taste memory as I lack musical ear but I have a strong taste memory for the strawberries and tomatoes of my youth -- and for the few truly ripe, sweet grapefruits I've eaten.

Growers, gene splicers, and refrigerated transporters have robbed us of flavor -- now we can add unknown chemicals on top of all kinds of unknown chemicals used to produce and beautify our food, to give it an approximation of the flavor that was once naturally provided by sun and rain. What are all those chemicals doing inside of us? I have inklings when I read about the increases in cancer, autism, asthma and a plethora of undiagnosable ailments.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Bravo! I feel exactly the same. I have noticed a lot more home gardens during the summer. Anyone can grow a tomato that tastes like one on a patio, porch or small ground area. Fruit now, that is another story. I do miss my pear, pecan an kumquat trees I had.

Kass said...

Yes, in general we are losing a lot of the flavor in life because of artificiality.

Sometimes I wonder just who is holding that hand basket.


June -- I was raised in an area of Michigan that was known for its variety of apples. We used to buy them by the bushel instead of in small plastic bags. Those apples had FLAVOR! Eventually, these family farm estates were sold. Subdivisions (McMansions) mowed down the orchards -- and the few orchards that were left were degraded and not appreciated. This is just one story of the plight of farming across our country. Now many apples and other farm products are industrialized by large corporations. Many of the new generations accept it. This planet is in a lot of trouble. Good post -- look forward to more on the subject. -- barbara

MaryContrary said...

Amen!! That is one reason why I grow as much as I can on my little patio. My container grown tomatoes and peppers are absolutely wonderful each year. I have three small blueberry bushes I hope will over winter well in the containers and produce next year when strawberries will join them. We have gone from fresh fruits that became tasteless and hard to canned fruits that are tasteless and hard to no fruits at all from the store. I hope to grow some of my own.

rraine said...

i am one of many that mourn the passing of foods that still have flavor. tomatoes are especially lacking. as kass said, i believe that we have lost our life taste buds, as our food taste buds have been dumbed down.

June Calender said...

Thanks for all your comments and especially to those who recognize that the loss of food flavor is echoed in a loss of zest in life. I'm glad I struck a chord. I don't want to gripe continuously but this is only one of several subjects that I deplore.