Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catching the DAwn

This was the sky at 6:00 this morning. I've been up before dawn every day this week but this morning was the most dramatic dawn. I purposly chose an eastward facing apartment because I wanted to see dawns. Ideally I'd have another room that looks west for sunsets but that's not the architecture of this apartment complex so dawn it is and who can complain? I'll be seeing dawns for the next six months because I am a morning person and often am awake by 5:30.



Great capture June! Very dramatic. I think your best choice is east facing as west sun is terribly hot. East is more subdued and cozy -- especially since you get up at 5:30! I sleep in way too late but then again I stay up way too late. Time for a re-haul in my patterns. -- barbara

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph. Lucky you with an East facing aparment. I think that is the only kind to have. Dianne