Friday, August 26, 2011

Technology and Me

The old dog new tricks thing -- I am a slow adopter of new technology. I don't yet have a cell phone. Not because the technology is a problem but because I surmise, so far, that I don't need either that constant contact[ability] [I don't like any phone very much and tend to procrastinate about making calls] or that amount of extras geegaws. Yes, there are times it would be marginally more convenient to call someone when I'm not at home and even less marginally more convenient to receive calls. And I'll get one some day, who knows when?

I'm a bit famous in my family for having an ATM card so long before I tried to use it that it had expired. Now I use an ATM for nearly every banking need, but I still don't pay bills online. When ALL bills can be paid online I supposed I'll do it. I didn't use the Internet for a long time, now I can hardly imagine not having that convenience, likewise the microwave. I AM adaptable. But I still believe many technologies are more trouble than they are convenience. And I like writing and receiving real letters.

This new car won my heart when I got home with it and had trouble taking the key out. A little message appeared on what I call the supra-dashboard that read, "to remove key, push inward, turn left and pull." Viola!! I was so impressed that it immediately responded to my problem I wanted to kiss it [but didn't]. It will, the manual says, tell me many other useful things, like how many more miles I can expect to drive on the amount of gas in the tank. It will tell me how ecologically I am driving, when the tires need more air. Will it tell me when to put on lipstick and comb my hair before getting out to go to meet someone? That would be nice but I guess personal grooming is my own problem. So I have a love-em and sometimes leave-em attitude about technology, I'll never be a total convert, I'm too stubborn for that.



June -- Technology is great in some respects -- computers. Yet in other tech areas it seems one could easily live without it. Some folks seem to gather tech stuff around them like they were a kid not sharing their toys in a sandbox. I could spell out all my concerns about the kind of toys that are absurd but I'm not. Funny, you mentioned you like to write and receive letters. I do too. Today I went into a little store that is owned by a talented artist. She sells her work in the form of prints and note-cards. I did my usual card stock- up and will be sending them out over the next few months. Somehow, I really do get more satisfactions doing this then sending an email.
Maybe I'll write a post on her someday? -- barbara

rraine said...

on the topic of letter writing-i have been searching, for some time now, for a stationery store that sells actual stationery. you know, letter paper and envelopes. not note cards, real paper. i have yet to find one here. i'm thinking i will have to go online. pretty ironic, yes?

June Calender said...

Babara, I agree about people accumulating tech "toys", especially the masculine populations and teens.

Rraine, real stationary stores have died with the 5&10 cent stores. I only see stationary in Staples.

I admit my handwriting is so bad that my snail mail letters are typed on the computer. But I prefer to send them rather than an email and I love to receive real mail in whatever form except bill form.


June -- hope you are comfortable and safe. -- barbara