Friday, August 12, 2011

"Enjoy Your Day"

By 9:30 this morning four people had said to me "Enjoy your day." And I answered, "I will. You too." Yes, it's empty repartee. But, yes, I am enjoying my day. What does that mean?

Today it means the summer weather is as perfect as possible: awoke early after a good night's sleep to bright sun, more softy warm than broiling. A touch of breeze that will increase a little later in the afternoon. Abundant flowers on all the streets I drive, a long walk on the beach very early [two of the "enjoys" offered in the course of the walk], Early trip to the grocery when it wasn't very crowded, easily finding the items I wanted. And now a quiet day doing things I enjoy doing, reading, quilting, baking a dessert for dinner, my own iced tea concoction with fresh mint from my yard, no bills in the mail, blog writing, a family dinner later on. What's NOT to enjoy?

Poets and philosophers remind us that we rarely understand happiness [or even enjoyment] until after the fact, often long after the fact when we have a spell of nostalgia or a period of melancholia as we wish for the former happiness, enjoyment, serenity. I recently read that for younger people happiness/joy/delight is a matter of excitement, of doing something specific [playing tennis, partying, going to a concert, etc] but for older people happiness more often comes in the form of contentment which may be passive, contemplative, quiet -- although we never lose our ability, I think, to enjoy a party or visit with friends, a good concert, movie, play, meal.

Yes, I'm enjoying my day, just like I was told to do.

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