Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Years

I started writing this blog three years ago so today is an anniversary. Once again, as then, I've been ruminating on women and age. Last night I saw a magnificent Lady Bracknell in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest, and recall her line, "Lady [?} has been thirty-five ever since she turned forty." Wilde is so witty it's almost impossible to keep up with him in the play. Before I go on about age I must say it was an HD delayed live performance from NYC's Roundabout Theatre. Brian Bedford both directed and acted Lady Bracknell. I don't believe anyone could play the role better. Every tiniest expression was in service of the kind of impossible woman she is. The cameras stayed on him so the movie audience saw more than most in the le audience could. Wonderful!

I have read that most women think of themselves as they were -- at least in physical appearance -- at 35. Yes, I do. I can't do all the yoga assanas I did then, and I weight more and, of course, my hair is 99% white. But in my inner vision I'm 35 and hope not to grow any older. Today with all the Baby Boomers marching into their 60s, I am a proud to say, No, I'm not a boomer. I'm in the generation that's leading the way for them. Many of us are still going strong and barely slowing down. Those of us lucky enough to have chosen our parents well [good genetics] and who had the sense to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically, I believe, are the standard bearers for the boomers -- that herd thundering along behind us. That's enough pondering for today. I've decided to update the 12 or so year-old photo that's on this blog -- at least here today, maybe in a few days on the sidebar. Letting go of certain kinds of vanity must be done in slow bites -- like eating home made ice cream [does anyone remember that?] slowly so you don't get a shooting pain in your head just above your eyes.


Jonas said...

I have read that most women think of themselves as they were -- at least in physical appearance -- at 35.

I don't think that observation applies only to women. I've often noted that I perceive myself as if I'm perpetually 35 (until my hip and knees remind me otherwise). Every now and then, a wayward glance in a mirror shocks me to my core.


June -- I have to agree with Jonas on perception of self. Mirrors don't lie so physically I know I am not 35. Mental capacity does not wane as one ages according to studies. In fact the one study I read maintained aging adults continue to learn -- building wisdom. This country just does not want to acknowledge that fact. Other cultures do. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Ah, Jonas, we wonen are so vain we think men don't have vanity like we do -- we underestimate men's sensitivity often [but cannot do that when reading your poetry]. Thanks for reminding me it's not just women.

Barbara, I've read many studies that we continue to learn and change; it's only physical 35 that I cling to, I'm delighted to have changed and learned and hope to go on doing so the rest of my years.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Here I am, one of those who still thinks like she is 35. Well maybe 40. You are lookin good my friend.
I keep getting better like fine wine even if I do drink Sutter H ome.