Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No TV -- Hurray

I am SO glad I don't have a TV. Watching people gloat about a death reminds me of the crowds watching the guillotine, the crowds who went to witch burnings and the ghastly kinds of killings [drawn and quarter-ing] and so on that are among the lowest points of human history. Public killings are thought to be a thing of the past and there are various headlines about the lethal dose injections, and so on as if we have some sense of humanity. But we do not. This revelry, this insane rejoicing over Bin Laden's death turns my stomach. At least I don't have it in my face every time I turn on the tube. No tube! Hurray.

As a species we have been what we call "civilized" only a few thousand years compared to a few million years we were supposedly no better than animals and uncivilized. Whatever we've accomplished in technology we haven't come very far morally.



June -- As I mentioned -- I do not have a TV which spares me from listening to such morbid people chanting in the streets. Folks I know tell me what is happening on TV so I can't really get away from the morbidity of it all -- except to say I don't want to hear about it. Many seem surprised when I say that. I seem surprised at them that they want to hear it. Ying and yang? -- barbara

June Calender said...

Mars and Venus, I guess I'd call it. We can't escape knowing, we're not burying our heads in the sand, but we don't have to fill our minds with the ugliness. I'm glad someone agrees, thanks, Barbara.