Friday, May 13, 2011

From One Day to the Next

Something was happening with Blogger yesterday so the post that had the above picture has disappeared. That gives me a chance to show how changeable spring can be here -- and possibly in many other places as well. The above photo was Wednesday at Salt Pond at the National Seashore. It is beautiful even though the day was very gray, a drizzly rain was falling and a chilly, blustery wind made us unhappy. That was about 11:30 in the morning. By midafternoon when my daughters and I had explored a few galleries in Orleans and had lunch at a charming little shop -- a different delicious soup chosen by each of us, and a big shared muffin called a "Dirt Bomb" -- the sun came out so we had a beautiful drive home through residential areas with flowers glorifying more fine homes than seem possible in one small place. [Sometimes the apparent affluence of this area makes me sad a I think about many other parts of the world I have seen, some of the in the United States.]

Yesterday was gray and blustery all day, but it did not rain. A walk in the woods surrounding another pone was pleasant. Then we woke up this morning to a cloudless sky of perfect blue and a mild, warmer breeze.
L. and I had an early walk on our favorite nature reserve beach with only a couple of people in sight. We went out early for fear the weather would change. But when it had not changed by 10:30 we returned to sit in the somewhat sheltered protection of a dune and read for a couple of hours. The second picture is what today looks like.

This happens, especially in the spring, around here. We can only guess what tomorrow will be like -- we'll take as much advantage of it as we can.

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You certainly know how to spend your time well -- sea, sunshine and family! Blogspot pitched a fit over something but in time it has come back to us blog addicts. Can't get mad about it as its free and we are lucky to have it.