Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ming Bowl

Masterworks of Ming

Ming, Ming,
such a lovely
thing blue
and white

bowls and
basins glow
in museum

they would
be lovely
filled with
rice or

so nice
to dinner

or washing
a daughter

a small
of course
since it's
a small basin

first you
would put
one then

the other
end in.

Kay Ryan wrote this meditation on a precious ancient bowl. [The one in the picture is upside down to show the design.] Ryan's brief poems, laid out so thoughtfully, have a way of sticking in the mind so that when I see a Ming style bowl -- or maybe the real thing in a museum -- I will think of washing a small girl child in it.

National poetry month is nearly over. A lot of nice poems have come my way this month, and I've tried to spread some around. I read recently a lament, by a poet, that no one buys poetry books except poets -- I think that's mostly true. But of the many things people profess they love, lovers of poetry seem especially passionate. Although I think the writer must not know many of that male species called the sports addict. I think poetry loves cannot be compared to sports addicts, only contrasted.



June -- have to admit I am rather stingy in my likes of poetry. I keep reading it hoping my appreciation of it will broaden. Have many favorite like Oliver, Koosner, and others. I continue to read all kinds of poetry in hopes of better understanding. Thanks for helping me broaden my exposure to poets this month -- I did find some new ones to appreciate. == barbara

June Calender said...

So glad -- Barbara,thanks.