Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Poem

Three Lilies

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in
the morning. Psalm 30

Before dawn, under a thin moon disappearing
east, the planet Mercury, the messenger
and healer, came up vanishingly
into the blue beyond the garden where
three lilies at the bottom of the yard
arrayed white trumpets on iron stalks
under a slow, slow lightning from the sun.
I stood on a rotten step myself,
and smelled them from a hundred feet away.

This poem by Brooks Haxton was the one sent yesterday by Knopf which sends a poem a day during National Poetry Week to those who have signed up to receive them -- as I did three years ago. I love having poem arrive every morning. Many are new to me, many of the poets as well are ones I don't know. I believe they have sent this poem on a previous Easter. Although I don't celebrate Easter the poem, without even mentioning the day or celebration is perfect.



June -- although I don't celebrate Easter either I did enjoy your poem. I saw your comment on Time Goes By today -- about moving when we are older. After reading all the comments I realize how important the issue is to so many folks. I, for one do like where I choose to retire almost three years ago. But, the one thing I miss is not having family near. You are fortunate to have your daughter close. Perhaps in a few years I will move near family? -- barbara

June Calender said...

Family nearby is very nice, especially as grandchildren become adults and even have children themselves -- I think not only for the older person but because the younger people need the sense of continuity. After about 30 years of being very much along in NYC, being near family was a part of the culture shock -- pleasant part!