Monday, April 18, 2011

A book addict - yours truly

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
Dr. Seuss

I can read in red. I can read in blue.
I can read in pickle color too.
I can read in bed, and in purple. and in brown.
I can read in a circle and upside down!
I can read with my left eye. I can read with my right.
I can read Mississippi with my eyes shut tight!

There are so many things you can learn about.
But…you'll miss the best things
If you keep your eyes shut.
The more that you read, the more things you will know
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

If you read with your eyes shut you're likely to find
That the place where you're going is far, far behind
SO…that's why I tell you to keep your eyes wide.
Keep them wide open…at least on one side.

Yes, a bit of Dr. Seuss this morning. I love books. I've never regretted spending money for books -- except when I inadvertently bought one I already had. I'm sad that so many Borders Bookstores are going out of business, including the one near me which I enjoyed. It's been gradually closing for several weeks. I bought several books at 40% off a few weeks ago. [Two of which I've already read.] Yesterday as I was going to a grocery store I noticed the "Last Days 90% off" sign. There'll be nothing worth getting, I thought. But somehow my car turned itself into their parking lot and my feet went walking into the vast, nearly empty space with sparse shelves of books in one corner.

To condense an hour of browsing -- I'm a good browser whether in a bookstore, a department store, the Goodwill Store -- I had an armful of books, hardbacks and paper backs, some by authors I love like Oliver Sacks, Ian McEwan, John McPhee, Terry Tempest Williams. I had Dinaw Mengestu's new book [I loved his first book]. I had a book by Tony Hiss [I remembered a positive review] and I had seven other books that intrigued me -- a dozen in all. Heaven knows I don't need more books, I've got plenty to read ... but 90% off! For the dozen books I paid a $24 and change. The sales slip said at the bottom [I love the ones that do this!] "You saved $206.42". I'm still smiling. Which will I read first? What about the ones I had thought I might read next? Oh my, what a wonderful problem.


Conda V. Douglas said...

June, I just got a Nook and I love it, now I can have thousands of books in my house!

June Calender said...

I sort of understand the appeal of Nooks and their ilk but I remain a VERY slow adopter of new technology and am very content with real books even if they cause space problems. Thanks for stopping in , Conda.

rraine said...

what a marvelous dilemma, what book to read next! perhaps a little of this one, a little of that one...

Anonymous said...

Amanda's been reading don delillo's falling man for class, so i've been listening to the audiobook (i'm not a reader) and i'm totally in love with the style!


June, My car would have been sliding in right next to you if I saw a 90 percent off sale. You certainly got a boatload of books for a mere 26 dollars. I know I would start with Terry Tempest Williams. It is too bad that Borders is going out of business -- I thought they were going into chapter 13 resulting in reducing their store locations? -- barbara

June Calender said...

Rraine, that's my modus operandi, reading at least two at a time, often more.

Barbara. I, too, understand Borders is reoranizing but that seems to mean closing a huge percentage of their stores, the only two here on Cape Cod, but all across the US.

Superhero, I like Don Delillo too. I used to listen to books on tape when going somewhere but seem now to need longer periods of silence.