Monday, February 14, 2011

What age?

"Gray is the new blond," says the wonderful blog Advanced Style which I have come across every now and then and which I'm going to add to my sidebar soon. [Doing these computer caretaking things needs mental working up to -- I think it's like learning to ride a horse, it takes nerve to actually begin when one gets ove a certain age.] The woman in the picture for that particular post has waist length gray hair. But, hey, I'm just as gray so there I am.

Lately I've realized anew, as I realize every now and then, that I no longer can judge age of anyone over, say 11 or 12. Styles change, and the usual messages about hairdos and clothing on people are highly confusing. I was speaking to a woman a few days ago who looks very young to me, perhaps early 40s, as we talked she revealed that she is 57. I was flummoxed. Perhaps one of the best lessons is to simply forget about age to a very large extent and just interact with everyone as individuals. Sounds so totally obvious. But very few people ever shed the habit of categorizing people by their apparent age, even if, like me, they are often wrong about their age guesses. For many gray hair is an indicator but that's iffy too. I was mostly gray at 45, so are many other people. And then there are those who don't go gray -- naturally or artificially.

Anyway, I recommend Advanced Style because the blogger takes fantastic picture of fantastic people on the streets of New York. Prejudiced as I am, I think there's no city with street life like New York -- I miss it.



June -- what a fun post. I am what you would classify as a "second hand sal," in my dress as well as most things in my life. I love old clothes that are a bit alternative. I'm a Georgia O'Keefe kinda woman -- love black and have since I was young. One needs to have some fun in their life and why not with clothing at a low cost -- especially as one ages. Went to Advanced Age and found many funky folks that I could relate too. Many however were too stylish for me. But, it was fun to view the photos and thanks for mentioning the blog. By the way your link did not work for me so I typed in Advanced Style and found it. thanks -- barbara

June Calender said...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the link. Computers make me feel dumb. I'm totally in favor of the second hand approach and, being a New Yorker for a long time I'm trying to break the black as a uniform state of mind.

Anonymous said...

I have learned how to "go with the flow" and interact with people half my age. I treat them like people. You are beautiful. I love your nice thick hair. Dianne

June Calender said...

Thank you, Diane. I agree we who have some distance and perspective need to see that great horde of younger than we beings as people -- even the teens.

Kass said...

June, you are so beautiful. Your face shows intelligence, attitude and style. Loved looking at Advanced Style.

Tabitha Bird said...

I'm terrible with guessing ages too. I'm 34. To me everyone is 34. :)

Oh, and my hat off to you for leaving the comment that made me say YES YES YES!

You wrote" for a reader to want to make love to you, you have to take your clothes off."

THAT was exactly my point on that blog post, but I spent 250 odd words trying to say it. You said it in 17!

June Calender said...

Thanks, Tabitha -- you got the brain working and condensing. Come back and visit some more.