Saturday, February 26, 2011

The war continues despite past victories

We thought we had won the abortion battle; we thought the rights and needs of women and children were understood at last and women would have some parity. Not so. The lead editorial in today's NYTImes succinctly says that spending cuts are aimed squarely at the needs of women and children -- the need for contraception, safe abortions, nutrition for newborns for mothers who cannot afford it, one program after another -- all likely to be cut drastically, some axed entirely.

Always the women, the minorities, the handicapped are given short shrift -- and those fat, comfy middle aged men in Congress prefer to bail out banks, help mining company and oil companies and wood products companies destroy our environment instead of putting the money toward the health of women and children. I'm sophisticated enough to know that these budgets are never tit for tat in that way, but from the long view that's what it comes down to. The men say "jobs" and "economy. They believe business will bail us out [and assure they are reelected]. They do not say "human needs." If you've dug up enough money to get elected to Congress, you are not watching your twenty-year old daughter struggle with two babies who are malnourished. You do not even see the mentally and physically handicapped whose day programs are cut for lack of funding, your elderly parents do not eat breakfast cereal two meals a day because they have to choose between meds, rent and food.

Getting up in the morning and reading the paper is a sad way to start the day -- and that's not even thinking about the rest of the world where turmoil roils and people are dieing for a change to try democracy, dieing, I'm sure this very moment as I type these words.


A Nest of Cranes said...

I am one of those blog readers who read, but never comment. When I ran across your blog I added it to my list of favorites, right then. I instantly connected with what you were saying, and have enjoyed reading your words ever since.
But the one I read today about the fight over the budget inspired me to comment and say thank you for putting your voice out there to speak up against the male powers that be who are happy to maintain the status quo, women being less than equal, children being less than a priority, unless of course, a woman dares to try to choose abortion, then a life is more important than anything. Sorry I can rant with not much provocation....anyway, thanks for your blog

Jonas said...

There is a growing ugliness in the body politic. Our plutocracy frolics, extracting ever more from the defenseless.

I rarely get political on my own blog, preferring to wage political war on other fronts (seems more like a battle for survival of basic human decency nowadays). Three years ago, I posted this. Matters have only grown worse since.

June Calender said...

Thanks for speaking up, N of C -- often I feel that voice an opinion is all I can do and it's not enough.

Yes, Jonas, "growing ugliness" is exactly right. Thanks for your link - I do know where your heart is.

Rain said...

I am going to give commenting here another try but from explorer as mozilla seems to be locking it all up.

From all they have been doing this year since they got some power, we know who the Republicans are and it's very disappointing as they go after the poor and the weak and favor the rich. What we don't yet know for sure is who Americans are. I am afraid of the answer.


June -- Oh you are so right -- the underclass are treated as just that when it comes to budget cuts. Women included. I boycot all companies that treat their employees wrongly and companies that have huge salaries at their top. This was a great post -- one that needs to be shouted from the house-tops. -- barbara

Anonymous said...

The truth is that until we are willing to "reform" Medicare, Medicaid, and a few "entitlement" programs, the cuts will be made to discretionary funding.

What do we do first, pay the doctor for our own health care or pay him for the care of those less well off. We can't give what we don't have, and budgets are bad. I am sure you know this. Hard choices are inevitable it seems. My concern about the cuts to Planned Parenthood is that they do much to educate people who for whatever reason are not getting the education they need elsewhere.
My 2 cents. Dianne

June Calender said...

Thank you, Barbara and Diane. The problem is HUGE, as we all agree. I have many other thoughts but no answers. I feel I'm just shouting Wolf! because there is a pack of wolves out there.