Friday, February 18, 2011

Love and Kisses and all that stuff

Bob Brady of PureLandMountain blog -- see sidebar -- tells us young Japanese are losing interest in sex. Furthermore he points out that the youth fads of Japan tend to be the canaries indicating the toxicity of the atmosphere in the world. I can't be alarmed to the extent of worrying that the world population will be in danger. We're racing as a population toward unprecedented and quite dangerous numbers so a bit of falling off in the procreation area would not be a bad thing.

But Bob was not talking about procreation, he was talking about interest in the joys of sex. The photo he posted of the pillow embracing the girl and another at the end of the blog with a pillow shaped like the lap of a kneeling man suggest the young still want some cuddling. I, for one, find those pillows deeply sad. The warmth of human body cannot be replaced by a bit of batting inside a pillow form.

On a slightly different note, Ronni Barrett recently posted about the joys of a 60-something woman looking at naked men's bums and had a video to prove her point and a good many comments in agreement. So maybe the enjoyment of sex as an idea, a fantasy that brings a smile, a present reality as well, has shifted to the increasingly large senior population. We pre- or early-baby boomers were adolescents at a time when sex was a tabu and contraception not readily available. What you must long for and deny yourself until certain conditions are met [like marriage back in those days] retains strength in our memories that apparently these young people will never understand. No, I'm not going to say that's sad but the cliche we often repeat, "youth is wasted on the young" seems to be truer and truer.



Difficult to believe that sex has taken a nose dive in Japan. But I guess the gov't survey rather validates it. -- barbara

Kass said...

Hard to believe that any culture could have a diminished interest in sex. I wonder if virtual replacements of true experience plays a role in this phenomenon.

Jonas said...

Interesting topic, this. A photograph went viral on the Internet a while back that showed about a dozen students in a university lounge, boys and girls (men/women) sitting side by side, but ALL were fixated on their laptops/smartphones. No eye-to-eye contact. No conversation. Just a whole lotta fecund males and females lost in cyberspace.

Kinda freaked me out.

"There's somethin' happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear..."

June Calender said...

I'm as surprised as you all are -- I wonder how this will be analyzed fifty years from now. As Jonas says, something's happening -- or not happening.