Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fluffy White Stuff

Two feet of snow! Is that clever or what? I'm a photo snatcher and I feel certain moral compunctions about it. This came from The Selvage Blog which got it from Two Beans Inc, another quilting blog. You see quilters are really a bunch of fun people and most have a great sense of humor. I love these feet.

I was thinking a bit about them this morning when I decided that the air was full enough of fluffy white stuff and it was accumulating quickly enough that maybe this would be a serious snow storm, in contrast to the piffling little accumulations we've had in the previous so-called blizzards. [We have our own weather here on Cape Cod that differs from the "main land"]. I thought of making bread, which, in fact I love to do and probably should have done, or going to the store before I got snowed in. I did the lazy thing and went to the store, lured there partly because Rachel had mentioned a sale on brownie mix. [So, that's my little guilty secret. But I haven't made the brownies yet.] I just wasn't in the baking mood today.

As I was brushing snow off my car -- we have a big lot, not a garage -- a man I've seen often but not chatted with before, was brushing off his van that was near by. In that hearty way men have of chatting, he called out, "Are we having fun?" I answered semi-ironically, "Oh, I just love snow." "We've had plenty," said he. I answered that we had but I have yet to see a good snowman this year -- which is true. We haven't had the good sticky snow of which snow men are build and in my various peregrinations around town I haven't seen a single snowman. Then I told him about the above two feet of snow. He liked it. I hope you like it too.

What would friendly strangers/neighbors talk about if we didn't have weather?


Anonymous said...

i like your picture.

neighbors can talk about anything,
it just takes one of them being
bold enough to strike a conversation
and the other willing to catch the
sparks and help kindle it.


June-- Very clever -- two feet of snow. I have not seen a snowman for quite sometime -- raised in MI I was exposed to dozens with the right snowfall. -- barbara

rraine said...

i love that photo! may i post it on facebook, credit given?
i live in nevada, where it snows in the mountains, which is where snow should be.

June Calender said...

Thanks, all. Yes, Rraine, don't give me credit, I was at least the second thief in line, I'm really not sure where it came from. But it made me smile all day.