Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enough Already -Cabin Fever

Decent winter temperature yesterday, very cold today. Bright sun both days. So tired of feeling trapped by the weather I decided to go for a brisk walk and at least get some Vitamin D from the sun. Besides I just read one of those studies that are forever being printed saying that the half of the study group who walked 40 minutes three times a week compared to those who did tai chi and stretching yoga -- the walkers were mentally sharper. Maybe. These studies keep surfacing; one never knows what to think of them.

What I did know was I felt a cabin fever restlessness. So I put on layers and set out to walk a neighborhood triangle of streets that add up to a bit over a mile. Not much really. The first two legs of the triangle were in thickly residential streets with lots of houses, trees and shrubs all of which baffled the light wind. The 25-ish temperatures were okay because I was soon warm under my layers. The last leg of the triangle, however, was on the commercial thoroughfare with fewer trees and shrubs. A fairway for the wind that seemed to lick my cheekbones and nose with an icicle tongue. I walked faster which didn't help the tingling of my face. But soon I was home, back in the warmth feeling a bit self-righteous, glad to have done something healthy whether I'm smarter or not. Any urge to go out again during the day was squelched thoroughly.

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June -- You are fortunate to have your triangle to walk around. I know you were mighty cold but I always feel great coming in from the cold after an outing. My home-place is very inappropriate for walking -- steep hills and icy non-public roads. Recipe for falls as I have witnessed it happening to others. -- barbara