Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art Gallery - Rogue's Gallery

What's on your refrigerator? Someone on a blog asked recently and several people responded. I thought about it and have to say that our refrigerator art gallery can be more intimate and possibly more revealing than the stuff we hang on our walls or the framed photos on the desk or piano top.

Here's my gallery: a photo of my two grown daughters together at Yellowstone. They live on different continents and are rarely together so this is an unusual photo. Since they are grown and so are my grandchildren I have no kiddie drawings. But I do have a post card of Annie Liebowitz' photo of Keith Harring -- you can't see it very well unless you double click the photo. It's like graffiti, but VERY sophisticated in this case, as he's in the middle of it, painted, otherwise nude. There are pictures of two men who never have and never will disappoint me: Beethoven and Schubert. There is a funny little picture someone sent me of three ladies from the '40s in winter coats doing high kicks that seems to say, we're only as old as we think we are and we don't think we're old at all. And then there's a hunk post card -- three Mongolian wrestlers in their skimpy shorts and open jackets and little caps -- because they're hunks and because I really loved traveling in Mongolia.

I am not going to offer further explanation. That's my gallery. What's yours?



Hi June -- It would be fun for someone to collect photos of refrigerator door paraphernalia and have an exhibition of them.

My refrig has photos of my grandchildren at various ages. For some odd reason I put on a photo of me sitting on a diving board at a friend's cottage in Michigan -- a friend sent it to me about a year ago -- my age was 14 -- about the age of my grandchildren so I plopped it on the refrig and smiled.

Jonas said...

It saddens me greatly...grievously, report that my refrigerator door is shamefully naked.

Rain said...

Other than a few refrigerator magnets (dragonflies, petroglyphs and a saying I like), there is the art from the grandkids and the latest addition-- a first draft of an essay our third-grade grandson wrote about how much he likes visiting his grandparents farm and what he does there.

June Calender said...

Thanks Barbara and Rain -- ah, Jonas, maybe you need to post some of those beautiful picture you put on your blog.