Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One MInute Writer Weekly Winner

One-Minute Writing of the Week:
Writer: June Calender (Monday's winner)

Prompt: Discovery. Write about a good discovery you've made (big or small!)

The discovery that discoveries never need to cease, especially the small ones that make life sparkle and fill in the unrecognized pockets of ignorance. I live in an ecology that is new to me; I constantly discover new things, especially about the sea. But the most wonderful discovery is that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is a lot of hooey -- I learn new things on many levels constantly.

The One Minute Writer link is in the list on the right. Anyone interested in spending one minute a day writing should have a look at this site. I've been visiting it for some months, the prompts don't always speak to me but some do, the one about discovery certainly did. I could, of course, write a great deal more about discovery continuing throughout life but I said just about all that's really important in one minute. If you never think you know everything, you'll probably learn more today than you knew yesterday.



You wrote a darn good one-minute writing -- no wonder you were a winner. And what you said is so true! -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks. I don't like to flout awards, especially when they're just one person's opinion as in this case. But I wanted to share my feelings about the joy of continued learning which I would hope every one who's hit the Big 7-0 will share.

standing on my head said...

congratulations! it takes skill and discipline to do that in one minute!

Kass said...

Boy, I can't write anything that good in one minute. Good job.