Monday, November 22, 2010

Airport security - TSA invasion of privacy

On any given day in the United States hundreds of thousands of people board airplanes ... and not one of them is a terrorist. Yet everyone submits meekly to increasing acute invasion of their privacy by often ill trained, sometimes loutish, sometimes perverse security "guards". Why are these people acting like sheep? Can't anyone realize that something is very wrong here? Why are toddlers forced to take off their shoes? Why are people with medical conditions, colostomy bags, titanium hip or knee joints subjected to treatment as if they are criminals? Why is a bottle of water of a normal size container of shampoo a matter of suspicion?

Oh, I've read know about Bin Laden's threats and about the bombs sent in cargo planes and the few nut cases who got on board planes -- despite warnings, in one case even by the would-be-terrorist's father that were ignored by our so called Homeland Security. The fear rampant in this country is almost beyond belief. Characters in Orwell's 1984 were not so terrorized by Big Brother as we are by the TSA. Can't anyone count the numbers of people who are harassed and manhandled at airports against the number of people who have boarded airplanes with intent to do harm and wonder how the pictures got so badly skewed? Who is pulling our strings?
It seems the only thing the government is doing to ease the joblessness situation is hire more TSA employees and then do a lousy job of training them in anything like human decency. It looks sadly like Bin Laden and any other terrorist groups really have already won -- America is a land of the terrorized, afraid to board airplanes, even for commuter flights within own country. Surly I am not the only person who is appalled by this state of affairs. As people crowd the airports to join their families for Thanksgiving, I wonder if they'll be in any mood to enjoy what is supposed to be a peaceful and grateful event.


standing on my head said...

no, you're certainly not the only person who is appalled by this. i don't think i have the words to convey my disgust, alarm, outrage-nope, not enough words.
we're turning into sheeple.

June Calender said...

So glad someone agrees. Thanks for saying so.

Sarah said...

Your post just reminded me of my Nana's recent trip to the US, she was travelling with her friend who has a titanium hip. For some reason, the metal detectors in your part of the world are more sensitive than the ones they went through when leaving Austrlia, so the titanium set off the alarm, and despite have documentation indicating she had had a hip replacement, this 70 year-young Australian woman was subjected to a CAVITY SEARCH (in case she was concealing a weapon I suppose). To be honest my first reaction was - I suppose terrorists could have titanium hips too... but seriously, you do expect some element of reasonable judgement.

(StuntMum from Swap-bot :))


Yes, I agree with you June and also "standing on my head" who uses the term sheeple. Who is making a profit on all this searching and harassing of passengers? I always say follow the money and one will find the problem. The fear game makes lots of money for some organization/corporation/ government etc. Instill fear and reap money is their motto. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Sarah. I too am a 70+ white haired lady with a titanium hip; I have documentation, no one will look at it. If I'm ever cavity searched I'll sue someone!

Barbara, I agree about the money game but I think the fear's become a hydra and the most recent elections proved we are sheeple being herded by wolves.

Today I read in the NYTimes a quote of a TSA manager saying to his corps, "I'm paid to be paranoid and so are you." Paranoia is a mental illness.