Monday, October 11, 2010

Inner Happiness

For some time neuroradiologists at U. of Wisconsin have been engaged in studies of Tibetan monks who are well trained meditators. Matthieu Richard, a Frenchman who became a Buddhist monk early in his life, has been deeply involved in those ongoing MRI studies and has written several books, one called simply Happiness. . This article explains far better than I can why Richard is called "The happiest man in the world." Be sure to read down through the article and notice what he says about sadness. Many people think in terms of opposites, but many opposites disappear for these Buddhist mediators.

In fact I was involved in a conversation Friday evening about forgiveness [it began with a coupe of Jewish people talking about the Holocaust]. I pointed out that the Dalai Lama has continually spoken of harboring no hatred, but feeling compassion, toward the Chinese who have murdered and tortured millions of Tibetans and are systematically destroying the Tibetan culture. I have always felt very uncomfortable with the unforgiving attitude of many Jews toward anything or anyone who is German. The people in the discussion included a psychologist and a minister and it ended before we got deep into feelings. The final agreement seemed to be that forgiveness only comes through maturity. Meditation may be a royal road to emotional maturity.



June -- So glad you brought up Matthieu Richard in your post. I read The Quantum and the Lotus by him and Trinh Xuan Thuan. It was intriguing. I will read your recommendation of Happiness. Thanks -- barbara

June Calender said...

Actually, I found "Happiness" a little too heavy with Buddhist philosophy before it got to the medical parts. But I've known of Richard a long time. In fact when I trekked to a monastery in Nepal for a harvest festival I heard "the French lama is in retreat here." They mean Richard and I hoped to see him but I don't think he was at the day-long ceremony or if so blended in with the crowd of lamas and local people.

Tabor said...

Forgiveness while sometimes very hard to reach is the healthiest path to being normal and at peace. Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed this post.