Monday, September 6, 2010

Where this Proud Elder Blogger Blogs

For many months I have been lurking on Ronni Barrett's Times Goes By blog [see side bar] which is well worth the lurk! But she also links to a long list of what she calls Proud Elder Bloggers and even has a feature called "Where Elders Blog" with pictures of their blogging grounds/corner/space/office. So I finally sent in a picture of my workspace which is above.

I hesitated for these several months, although I've checked out most of those whose spaces are on view, about sending in the picture partly because I was not sure I wanted to call myself a "proud elder blogger". Yes, I named this blog Big 7-0... to force myself to tell the truth about my age but, as I said a few posts ago, I'm not sure what to call myself when I call myself. I bit the bullet. I'm an elder, a blogger. How proud? I don't quite know. Opinionated, yes, and even judgmental, possibly too often. I kind of like the word "seasoned" but it leads me to think about garlic and rosemary and thyme ... ah, yes, thyme with it's pun. Then there's sage -- I like that spicy pun too.

Enough wordplay. I like red, as you can guess. I used to say blue was my favorite color and I do like blue and especially turquoise, also periwinkle but I think I like red even more. I like my MacBook because I can literally put it on my lap as I work or browse or read emails and blogs. The view out my window is not visible in the photo but it's mostly green and blue and sometimes goose and crow and various neighbors going to their cars in the parking lot. Sometimes the blue turns gray and wet and of course black. But in the morning it is sunrise of many sorts and colors.

So that's where this proud elder blogger blogs. I recommend both Ronni blog and the list of elder bloggers -- opinions and styles, geography and gender vary.


Vicky said...

It was so nice June, to have you stop by my blog.

I always think its fun to get a glimpse of someone's creative space. I am residing in the kitchen so I can hover over the boys when they want to use the computer. Plus, it seems to be where we all hang out anyways :)


June -- Your work space looks like how you describe your favorite color as red and comfort being important. So you have a MacBook, how do you like it? I am thinking that perhaps I will get a notebook for my next computer. I think its important to have a comfortable spot to work in -- makes the creative juices flow better I believe.

I turned my small living room into what I call "my work room." It gives me ample room for all the many research and writing projects I have. Its basically a large cluster of techno cords and equipment, overflowing "in and out" baskets, computer, very long old work table, books, and assorted chairs etc. My living room has become a sitting area in my kitchen. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Barbara,I like my MacBook in general. I have the 13 inch and would prefer the 17 inch. A big long work table is an ideal thing to have and comfortable chairs. I have been typing literally on my lap for several years now sitting on a chair or a sofa. I like the idea that I can take my computer places but I almost never do, I prefer writing i my own space and never in a public space.