Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting fo Earl

It's coming! It's a big one! Better watch out! Prepare. Take care. Be alert!

The news mongers are at their happiest, shouting about possible disaster, telling us they know more about the evil forces of Nature than we do. Telling us to stock pile water and food and to hold our breath and wait for the approach of the dragon -- a hurricane advancing through the sky, following the coast of our continent, spewing his nasty rains and whipping up the winds aiming to ruin our property, definitely ruining the last summer holiday weekend for everyone who listens to the firey breath of the weathermen.

I've heard it all before, more often in my experience, about blizzards. Some, indeed, came with crippling force. I know about those demons of Nature, I was a child of the Midwest where every spring brought tornadoes somewhere nearby. Then we drove the fifteen or sometimes fifty miles to gaze at uprooted trees and roofless barns and houses with limbs lying in the attic. I've dug my way out of four feet of snow in the driveway. I haven't experienced a truly big hurricane and I don't expect to in the next few hours. I don't like being told to go into panic mode. But the news is hanging in the air with all the humidity, it's a clammy irritant. And this complaint comes from a home without a TV, where I have turned the radio on only to the classical music station which gives very rare newscasts.

Sometimes I sense a pulsing of nervous tension in our whole society. Nothing is accepted as "just how things are". Everything must be dealt with. Does anyone ever accept, relax and go on about living?

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