Friday, September 10, 2010

Piano Concert by 102 year old

Last night I heard a piano concert Gertrude Matthews, 102 -- her years add up to more than her weight, I think. She was a tiny lady, bent a bit as one would expect but her hand were long fingered and obviously both strong and supple. She played loudly and bouncily -- piano bar type music, i.e., mostly show tunes. I believe she does a frequent gig at her winter town, Palm Beach, Florida, actually playing piano in a lounge. She is on Cape Cod for the summer months.

The main room was set up as a caberet and food was served, also wine. Proceeds of the concert went to the local National Guard to provide needed food to service men's families while the men are deployed in Iran or Afghanistan. So Gertrude also played the anthems of all the armed services and everyone sang along. It as a bit hard to stop her so there could be an intermission. And then at encore time she seemed unlikely to every stop. Well, why not? At 102 how many more times are you going to have a room full of singing, clapping audience more than willing to tell you that you are remarkable? Who wouldn't milk the occasion for all it's worth.

I found the man who did most the introductions condescending speaking of our "young lady" -- why do people think they need to do that? She knows how old she is and is probably proud of it. Couldn't he say "our grand lady"? Why deny age? She denies it through her energy, we can all envy her and hope for some of that pep if we make the century mark.



June -- Oh, condescending is right. Being referred to as a young lady is for someone 18 and under. Also, a term that I do not like to be called by clerks or waitresses is "honey." I know it's just words but for some reason it grates like fingernails running down a blackboard. -- barbara

standing on my head said...

i once told a young man who was waiting on me in a retail establishment to stop calling me "young lady." i told him i knew exactly how old i was, didn't want to be any other age, and being young was in no way better. he apologized, and hasn't done it again-at least not to me!
there's only so much condescension and patronization i can take in one day.

Eric Beyer said...

It's always nice to hear that life can be long and fun at the same time. I'm always told that living past a certain age makes one frail, boring, and, well, elderly. I haven't lived very long myself, but from what I can see that's not completely true. Older people are often very energetic and fun to be around. The examples abound; thanks for another one!