Wednesday, September 22, 2010

End of Summer - a Dawn to Remember

"The dawn came up like thunder..." said Kipling. I would say this one came up like a gospel chorus singing "hallelujah!"

These three pictures are all the same dawn reading from right to left. I was not quite so stunned that I couldn't grab my camera and take three pictures to capture the whole sky. My view is broad and curves in a little at the left. As you see the whole sky blazed.
And so the last lovely day of a lovely summer began. And a lovely autumn is entirely possible.

I have read this was the warmest summer on record for the northern hemisphere. I know many people suffered from the heat but I did not. I loved this summer.




Kass said...

Me too! I loved this summer.
Those photos are intensely satisfying.

standing on my head said...

now THAT is the way to start a day, and end a summer!