Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Playing AroundAs

As if I didn't learn yesterday to stop snooping in the cluttered info available on Google, today I found a site that purports to tell you who you write like. It was not highly recommended by the person who wrote about it but, of course, I was curious. One must copy at least a couple of paragraphs, better a couple of pages, of his/her writing to this site and simply hit the "analyze" bit at the bottom to be told within a second or two who you write like.

The person who mentioned the site had input some of Melville and been told that the writing was like James Joyce, and that some pages of Lovecraft were like Jack London. But some of Poe was indeed like Poe. So, thought I, What fun! I input some of a short story that I think of as be in my "tough" voice and it came out "like David Foster Wallace." I have never read Mr. Wallace but I know that I have adopted that voice from other things I've read -- not to copy them but because it's a voice of a no-nonsense character and some of my first person characters are that sort. Now I really must read a bit of Wallace.

Then I tried another short story in a meditative tone with thoughts by the protagonist about the "monkey mind" of which Buddhists speak. I was told that resembled Rudyard Kipling. Monkeys were the only similarity I could find there. I'll try something else possibly tomorrow and see what I get -- maybe I will get a feeling of schizophrenia.

It's the so called Dog Days of Summer when some of us feel a bit stagnant and look for entertainment where it can be easily found.

Image above: Roses all growing on one stem, looking like a perfect bridal bouquet.

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