Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk on the Beach

Yes, it's a [small] white shark. We know they are in the waters off Cape Cod, no incidents have been reported of shark bites [or so I've read]. This one was washed up on the beach and was serving as breakfast for the gulls -- you can't see the big hole in his belly in the photo. There's often something new and interesting to see on "my" beach.

Leslie and I decided to take a last walk yesterday morning before she had to catch the airport bus to go back to California; it was gray and not as enticing as when sunny so we had the entire beach to ourselves for 90% of the walk although we noted foot prints of two different humans and dogs.
The tide leaves great mats of seaweed, mostly green like this one, sometimes with some magenta colored bits. It dries out into parchment colored mats. I wonder why I have not yet read of fiber artists using dried seaweed in their work. I read Fiber Arts Magazine often and see the use of many unusual materials. Seaweed is fibrous and, both wet and dry, makes fascinating patterns.
I've written a few times about my fascination with "the shell tree" which was much damaged [vandalized] over the winter but people like myself are irrepressible tree decorators and Leslie was happy to join the company of "druids" adding shells to this tree out at the very end of the spit that we walk on.
This is some of the beauty I couldn't resist bringing home, the very subtle colors in the broken shells always fascinates me. We walked at water's edge yesterday and saw wonderful blues and yellows, rose and taupe and combinations of color in even very tiny shells. Yesterday, unfortunately, was gray all day but this morning is brilliantly sunny. I'll be back there in a couple of hours and I'm sure more people will be around also.

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