Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some people spend large amounts of money looking for uncrowded expanses of beach. L. and I found this beautiful spot yesterday with only a 40 minute drive and one wrong road [that took us to the town dump instead of the beach]. This is Great Island off of Wellfleet, Mass. The two photos below were taken from the same place, the first looking eastward, the second looking westward. Could anything be more serene and tranquil?

The path to get there from the parking lot was fairly long, at least a quarter of a mile, perhaps a little more, and much of it was in deep soft sand, which is extremely hard to walk in, the feeling is like swimming against a rip tide [not that I've ever done that, but that's how I felt]. It is far harder than walking on any other surface I know except for climbing upward in the Himalayas. It's very good for the thighs and butt.

The surface near the shore is reasonably easy walking so we set off and figured we walked about two and a half miles before I pooped out and said it was time to turn back. This was partly the result of having left the granola bars on the kitchen counter so that hunger was a factor. Yesterday, as on other occasions when I've been quite hungry, once I finally sit down to a meal, the food is fantastic. e


Kass said...

Great views. Especially like the shot of you plopped on the sand.


A great excursion! -- barbara