Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Summary

I'm going to start a Saturday "feature". I read a lot and pile up all kinds of information in my head and rarely find a way to work it into ordinary every day conversation. So on Saturdays I'm going to dump my info for anyone who is curious. Starting today.

A cat burglar, caught on surveillance film, stole five paintings from the Paris Museum of Modern Art, including a Picasso and a Matisse. Alarms did not go off.

Rover spacecraft has been on Mars for 2307 Earth days, which is 2245 sols of Mars days. This is more than six years.

Ma Yaehai, a Chinese professor of computer science who lives in a two room apartment with his mother who has Alzheimer's disease, was arrested for having arranged 18 orgies in his apartment within the last two years. It seems partner swapping and orgies are very prevalent in China.

A 1794 US silver dollar, thought to be the first one ever struck in the US, was purchased [by whom, unreported] for $7.85 million.

The Dalai Lama visiting in New York City was able to speak live to approximately 8,000 Chinese on Twitter, thanks to a Chinese man recently turned Buddhist, who translated for him. Twitter is banned in China but many people hack into it anyway.

Anecdotal evidence says that taking two tablespoons of pureed asparagus each morning and evening will cure many kinds of cancer. There was no report of oncologists going out of business.

New news next Saturday.


Marie aka Grams said...

These little gems are treasures. I love your take on the news tidbits. Keep 'em coming.


Fun to read. One thing that struck me is that whoever paid such an ungodly price for the silver coin is crazy. Why doesn't he or she donate that money to a great cause -- it would go a long way -- longer then a silver dollar in a glass case for only a few to view. -- barbara

Kass said...

Things I would have otherwise not known. Thanks.