Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Summary #2

Random things I've learned this week:

There are 5,274 active farmers markets in the US. [Maybe one near you.]

A thirteen-year old boy has become the youngest person to summit Mr. Everest. [It's all downhill hereafter.]

In one three-day period the German Roman Catholic hotline for victims of sexual abuse was overwhelmed with 13,292 phone calls.

The chemical methyl metacrylate is in short supply. It is necessary for the white paint used for the center lines of highways. [So a highway near you might not get it's center line repainted in the near future. Drive carefully.]

Only the top numbers of the most recent population figures for the whole world that I have come across: total population 66,817 billion people. Chinese people, 1,330 billion, Indian people,1,173 million, in USA, 310 million. Of course these numbers change by the second.

Researchers a geolocators with which they can tag birds to follow their migrations which weight less than two grains of rice. [The locaters,not the birds.]


Kass said...

The white paint thing is already happening around here. I merged the other day someplace I shouldn't have because the line was missing.


I look forward to your Saturday Summaries. This week was especially informative. The population figures are astounding -- comparing China to the U.S,!!!! Population figures worldwide are scary -- burdening on our natural resources. -- barbara