Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crativity is not all fun

Drudgery exists. It engenders negativity and self-doubt. It produces eventual results and sometimes reaps rewards. Why am I nattering about the obvious? I've reached the point in writing the novel I've been working on for months, when I'm doing line editing. Trying to see the missed period, the not that should be now, the in that should be on, and making some larger changes too -- like the page of text that had to be moved somewhere but where? It took two days to solve that and of course meant rewriting both where it disappeared and where it went. So it goes.

In my other blog [Calenderpages], I often complain of the drudgery of the final quilting, the binding. It always takes longer than expected. Ugh -- a long periods exists when the creative part is finished but the project is not finished. Drudgery! So I'm complaining this morning and wondering if it's worth the effort. As I always think, when a quilt is done an object exists that will be useful. Not so a manuscript. It may be seen by very few and most of them might not particularly like it. It might have been a waste of time. But it's my craft, my creation and I now have more options than formerly, that is, in terms of last ditch efforts. Publishing on demand is not longer entirely demeaning [but somewhat at least in my eyes]. So I pull up my socks and slog on.


Conda V. Douglas said...

This resonates with me, June, as I'm currently figuring out a film editing computer program, my least favorite part of being creative!


As my dad would say, "You do what you gotta do" -- barbara