Sunday, April 25, 2010


The local news says that nearly 100 right whales have been counted in local waters, two being a mother and calf. This is wonderful -- better than wonderful because right whales are seriously endangered. There are thought to be fewer than 400 alive -- so a quarter of the world's population are not far out there. It seems some of their favorite munchies grow around here. So you'll pardon me if I print only a small silly poem -- I don't have time this morning to do more serious research for a leviathan poem although I'm sure there must be a few.

What Size Are You?

"I am big," said the monkey.
"I am small," said the snail.
"I am tiny," said the spider.
"I am huge," said the whale.

"We are big," said the childen.
"We are bigger than the snail.
We are bigger than the spider.
But we're smaller than the whale."

by Avelyn Davidson


Conda V. Douglas said...

The poem you found was appropriate and very fun, June.

Jonas said...

I vividly remember the first (and only) time I saw a whale. I was photographing at Point Lobos when I spied what I thought was (I kid you not) a submarine. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen an animal THAT large. What I remember most was the feeling of serenity that animal soul projected. So calm in its motion, so measured in breath.

Yeah. Whales. Awesome.

June Calender said...

I can't say if it's them or us, Jonas, but just knowing they're out there, and in such numbers, gives me that sense of calm you write about.