Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's poem

Since romance is in the air, here's Doreen Zimmerman's poem "A Page from the Diary of Einstein's Mistress"

He talks in his sleep,
About mass. He's not even
Catholic. My Albert's
got a baby-machine, but
she don't love him like
I do. She pesters him to
comb his hair. I guess
she doesn't see what I see.
People say he's a genius.
They don't know
what a fool he is
for me. Best thing about Albert,
he's got a damn good
imagination. And he ain't
afraid to use it.


Kass said...

Truly wonderful! She saw that gleam in his eyes.

Jonas said...

Oh, Love Poems! My favoretest genre. I have many I cherish...too many to count. But the one I've loved the longest can be found here:

Jonas said...
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June Calender said...

Jonas, fussy blogspot wouldn't find the blog for me although I tried three different times.

Jonas said...

Yeppers, Blogger was hiccuping big time when I tried to post (hence the double-entry - first deleted). Blogger seems to have settled down a bit since. You may wish to try again. If frustrated, let me know. I can send the poem to you directly.

LimesNow said...

How lovely that the good woman saw him differently from the way most of the rest of the world viewed him!

Here's another blogger ringing in to say that Blogger has been misbehaving in a variety of ways for days.

June Calender said...

Blogger shaped up -- the poem and the post preceding it were fascinatingly revealing. Few men -- maybe none -- with those attitudes and that self-assurance [not to be confused with the narcissism I've encountered] have entered my life. Thanks, Jonas!

Jonas said...

Funny thing. I was reared by two people who fit my description of the compatibly incompatible. I was spoiled...though it took me a lifetime to realize it.