Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Monday morning

[One of my many dawn photos]

Poem for today: "Poem About Morning, by William Meredith {first stanza]

Whether it's sunny or not, it's sure
To be enormously complex --
Trees or streets outdoors, indoors whoever you share,
And yourself, thirsty, hungry, washing.
An attitude towards sex.
No wonder half of you wants to stay
With your head dark and wishing
Rather than take it all on again:
Weren't you duped yesterday?
Things are not orderly here, no matter what they say.


Kass said...

The picture - wow!
Being duped - yes.
Great choice.
(remember, you are my inspiration this month)

Jonas said...

Hey, lookee here! You posted another personal favorite. I'm particularly fond of the last line in that poem:

But there is a great deal about it you don't understand.

That always resonates within me.

Saint Dolores said...

Now THAT one has a little spark to it!