Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Learning here and there

For many years I've been doing the Sunday Times Crossword puzzle, for pleasure, which goes beyond the satisfaction of solving to an egotistical sense pride in how much I have stored in the tangled synapses or dendrites or whatever makes the matter in the skull gray. Today, however, I learned something from a clue. It read, "only person to win both a Nobel and an Oscar." Answer, Shaw. Wow, thought I, I didn't know that.
Off I went to Wikipedia [easiest of the several choices that popped up] where I found out how many novels he also wrote as well as much else besides plays that I was familiar with and often bored watching. I saw this picture of the little hut in the backyard where he wrote -- looks the size of most garden tool sheds -- big enough for a desk with typewriter, a chair and supply of paper. Probably a tea kettle. And all that wit and thought came pouring out. Wonderful to contemplate.

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Kass said...

Oh, I love that you shared a picture of Shaw's Shed. It looks so cozy and inspiring.