Friday, February 19, 2010

Whale Rider

Of course it's a cliche but someone we keep forgetting about the impossibility of imagining what we will be doing a year hence. About a year ago I was getting fed up with the job I was doing and muddling about what would I do if I quit. What life would I have. I did not at all imagine I would be here, on Cape Cod,a year later in a apartment with close space beyond my dreams and fascianting opportunities to enjoy what I am doing. I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be teaching a writing class and enjoying it so much. Not dreamed I'd be seeing a wondeful assortment of old(-ish) movies, and even editing a first drafted novel. What a miracle!

So today's movie was Whale Rider which I saw back in 2002 when it came out. I had gone into my usual deep seated hatred of the old paternaistic ways of native peoples and not realized that the movie really was about the renewal taht occurs when finally a bit of magic intervenes and the girl becomes the leader. I was more moved this time because I had less angst in the earlier scenes.

One cannot predict a year out, and I won't try. This is a wonderful surprise.


Kass said...

Good to hear this. I look forward to feeling more exuberant in a year. It's nice to be reminded of the possibility.


You are an excellent example of a person that wanted change and just did it. Great things can come about if one follows their passion. Congratulations on a self- fulfilling year. -- barbara