Friday, February 26, 2010

Of kiwi, gulls, firewood and more

I think it's group dynamics, not specifically me and my teaching of the "Writing With the Whole Brain" class which accounts for a day with a lot of topics covered in high spirited and delightful ways. A group of mostly strangers have to become accustomed to one another and to the teacher before they feel comfortable and write short pieces fluidly. The group today had that comfort level [one man, I'm afraid, will never be quite comfortable. He contributes but takes little part in discussions.]

The assignment was to write about anything where you could use sensory description. Subjects ranged greatly from the neurology of sight and recognition to those above subjects, kiwi fruit, gulls, sawing firewood, enjoying a recliner, watching rain clouds, and more. I am certainly learning as much as the students -- about what will pique their interests, how to include the needier ones in discussions, how to time the class and slowly I'm learning how to inspire conversation in a group -- something I've never had to do before. I have belonged to groups that discussed things excitedly, and groups where Roberts Rules of Order pertained, but I have not been responsible for classroom discussions. I'm enjoying this challenge. And I'm enjoying the wide ranging subjects about which these people write. They've all had long full lives and have much they can write about, that's a large part of the joy of adult ed classes.


Kass said...

This sounds wonderfully interesting and challenging. Wish I could participate.

John Ettorre said...

I like the name of that course. That would instantly attract me.

Jonas said...

Sheesh. I WISH I had a "whole brain".

Word verification: orplene. Now THAT's a word verily begging for a definition.