Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crying Wolf .. er ... snow!

Apparently some people listen to news forecasters with entirely too much credulousness. All schools on Cape Cod were canceled today because of snow conditions. It began snowing lightly about 10:00 a.m. but none of it stuck because the temperature had soared all the way to 35 degrees. Throughout the entire non-school day there was absolutely no snow accumulation.

About 4:30 it began to stick and perhaps we'll get 3 or 5 inches over night. This may or may not be deemed reason for a snow day tomorrow. Very likely the majority of it will be cleared and all roads passable by the end of the day. Yes, a huge storm hit Washington, D.C. but that' 400 miles south. Well, it's winter and people get nervous. It all seems laughable to me. I think we have entirely too much news, much of it is not news at all but conjecture -- as, indeed, most weather predictions are.

However, white is prettier, while it lasts, than dirty brown grass and barren trees. I don't mind if it's all white when I wake up tomorrow.

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Kass said...

Snow provides such a cozy indoor time, especially if you have a cat and a fire.