Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter approaches

Winter will be here in just a few days. Yesterday could be called "nippy" but it was sunny and I took a decent sort of walk since I'm a firm believer in "use it or lose it." I believe much of the reason my age group have so many aches and pains is they sit around and get stiff and then the body screams at them for moving those joints. If you keep moving them they won't scream at you. So I walked and it felt very good. I came in with rosy red cheeks.

Today was sunny too, but notably colder and I have been in a cleaning mood, I had a bag of things to take to the Goodwill shop. So I drove. Being there, of course, I had to check out the store. There were unopened rolls of nice wrapping paper for 50 cents each [$5 in the stores], and, being chilly, I had to check out the fleece and sweaters. I'm feeling the need to go along with the native folk costume, fleece and knits over T-necks. So I found two warm tops at $5 each. This is a sensible way to dress but was quite unnecessary in overheated NYC. Can't beat the prices. So let the solstice come! Two months of cold also means that in two or three weeks the light will noticeably begin to return, days lengthen. It's an uncertain world in many ways, but this we can count on, global warming or not, the great Earth keeps turning and tilting predictably.

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Conda V. Douglas said...

My mom always said, "We either wear out or rust out," and like her, I prefer to wear out.