Thursday, November 5, 2009

When You're Having Fun ...

The question asked about my last post was how do I find time? For one thing, I'm retired so I can spend the time. But secondly when you're having fun it creates energy.

And I am truly having fun, I'm almost sorry that I'm going to NYC for the weekend and have decided I will not take the laptop so I'll have a three day hiatus. What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward little story is getting more complex. It seemed all women for a while but suddenly the protagonist has two men in her life, well one is jogging in place in my brain because he just materialized as I was writing earlier today but hasn't walked through the door yet -- after dinner I'll have another go at it and see what he's going to say for himself. This is why I don't outline. I love when there are surprises.

All of which does not say this is going to be a successful novel. I can't tell. Could become a mere clump of bytes in the memory of a computer never to see the light of day. Or it could eventually let me know it needs to be the same only very different. That's for much later. For now it's just fun.

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Kasscho said...

That's true about the joy found in what you're doing bringing energy. How fun to imagine up all these people and stories and watch them come through you.