Friday, November 6, 2009

Ready to be given away

At last this is finished and I'm about to take it to NYC to give it to the Empire Quilt Guild -- I'm going to the meeting on Sunday -- for their project of providing quilts for a homeless shelter for vets in the city. This is exactly the same pattern as the quilt below which I made for the same charity. I like the one below better. When I was making it I saw that the centers of the pattern were stars and wondered what would happen if they were all a different color than the diamond shapes that separate the squares. This is the result.
NOTE: I really meant this post for my other blog, Calender Pages, and maybe there's a way to move it but I don't know it and it's very early in the morning when, obviously, I'm not exactly in high gear anyway. Just an explanation of what's going on here.

Interesting that one pattern can look so very different. And I can imagine that if I had chosen to make every star different and all the bordering pieces, which here are a great variety of scraps mostly in the brown family, it would be yet again very different. Well, I'm not going that far, I'm tired of sewing this particular design. And it's off to a worthy home. And I'll be on to some of the other projects that I listed a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile I"m very much looking forward to the guild meeting even though I will have to leave a bit early to catch my homeward bus. So much to do, so little time -- always the story. Not a bad problem, really a rather nice one.


Kasscho said...

How different the same design is when the emphasis is changed. Both lovely. How can you bear to part with any of your quilts? How lucky and comforted some homeless person will feel.

Kass said...

Thank you for your comment on my opera post. The subject stirs up a lot of issues for most women. Your comments were most interesting.