Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let there be sight

Most of us take it for granted. We know we shouldn't -- when we see someone walking with a seeing eye dog, we are reminded. Some of us are reminded every night when we take off our contacts or glasses. But we don't really think about what a wonderful thing sight is.

I had my second [right eye] cataract operation today and am looking at this computer screen without glasses or contacts and it's been getting clearer over the half hour I've been reading and writing stuff. I may need reading glasses for tiny print but I am better sighted than I have been since the age of 12 or 13. when I get up in the morning my arm automatically reaches toward the bedside table for my glasses. They won't be there ever again. The habit will go away before long.

I am grateful and amazed at the ease and comfort of the operations [two in two weeks] and the patient centered treatment, pleasant, competent people, miracle of microscopic surgery that is so quickly effective, so totally painless. This is a very fine example of what American medical care can be. I know not everyone in America -- perhaps a very large percentage, do not live near major medical centers as I do where standards of care are high. I'm also very aware that in large parts of the world nothing like this is available for any but the most wealthy who can go to major centers. I hope that inequality can be addressed in this century -- or sooner.

Will I make finer quilts because I see better? No, I don't think so. My taste and skill have not increased. But my pleasure may have, we'll see. [Yes, of course that's a pun!]

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Kasscho said...

Oh how beautiful - thank you for reminding me how wonderful sight is. I'm so happy for you! I put on glasses to read, and glasses to see far away, but I am so grateful, even for these.