Sunday, September 27, 2009

Signs of Fall

The leaves are turning, red ones amongst the marsh plants, as above -- maybe that's a poison ivy? I'm not sure. Yesterday I saw whole trees that were green last week which are now gold. Today the rain has been relentless.

There are domestic rituals for the seasonal changes even for those of us who only rent and are very happy to let others do the garden type work. My one tomato plant turned yellow with only a couple of little green tomatoes left. So I cut it down. But the geraniums are going to flower for a while yet. Today my ritual was sorting, folding, and putting away summer shorts and sleeveless tee-shirts, sandals and other purely summer clothes, and getting out the turtle necked tops and winter pants, though I'm not switching to heavier clothes for a while. I've got plenty that span the seasons.

I suppose I have too many clothes -- I've been so lucky with fantastic thrift stores in NYC I could live in what I have probably the rest of my life. But I love fabric, texture, color, design. That's not the same as loving "fashion" -- I'll leave that ever changing merchandising area to the young women. It's always a pleasure to choose what to wear even though some items may be ten years old. It's a matter of color combination, accessories -- I love scarves, necklaces, earrings, jackets. So the closet changing ritual is satisfying. And, as usual, I made a pile of things to give to a charity. So, it's a new season. I wish summer could be longer but that's beyond my control, so sweater and jacket weather is welcome.

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